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[pa-trik] [kyoo-pid]


(launch 2017)


Designed responsibly from start to finish.

    In our effort to promote responsible consumption, each season is designed relative to the last, allowing a wardrobe to be built over time piece by piece. As a palette of color opens and develops, shifting from summer into fall encompassing seasonal prints, shapes, and silhouettes evolve too establish themselves in harmony with their predecessors, and can be layered or paired together, bridging several collections. 

    This design ethos is combined with the sourcing of biodegradable and recyclable material, as locally as possible. In furthering this effort, we do not refrain from re-purposing fabrics of previous seasons; as the brand, Patrick Cupid underlays its entire philosophy with a positive drive to sustain the planet. We endeavor to minimize our environmental impact by creating less waste.



Beauty, softness, elegance, are employed by a confident hand capable of using those apparently innocent tools to construct a strength that carries a seductive appeal, flirtatiously sexy, but immensely empowering and liberating.


Printed georgette, soft wool, draped silk wrap and structure the body, a balance between classic refinement and ingenuity. New techniques in pattern cutting achieve an optimal fit, which combined with  such a curated language make this new collection  completely authentic.


(born 1980),


American designer. His formal education divides between F.I.T. and Parsons's prestigious schools in New York and the Politecnico di Milano.


Over the last ten years, Patrick has been working between the States and Europe as a consultant designer and visual stylist, carefully compiling a design vocabulary uniquely his own.


Syllable by syllable building his own language that has roots as much in the deep cultural wealth of Europe as the rhythmic speed and seduction of New York, his home town and base.

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